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Upcoming new scheduling features in Elation!

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Upcoming new scheduling features in Elation!

Upcoming new scheduling features in Elation! March 20, 2016

Dear Elation Community,

We are excited to announce two new scheduling features to the Elation experience on Friday, 3/25. These designs were developed around your suggestions on how we could improve visibility and provide insights.

A new Appointment Report will generate a list of past or upcoming appointments along with their status. This provides an easy way to review cancelled or no-show appointments for the past week or determine which patients have insurance eligibility for upcoming appointments.

You can determine the time range after opening the report under Reports > Appointment Report. It will show scheduled appointments by day, and include: time, type, reason, status, patient name and DOB, patient phone number, and patient insurance info.

In addition, appointment blocks will show the allotted time and be colored based on your selected appointment type. This will make it easier for your staff to distinguish appointment types quickly and identify open time slots.

We also emphasized appointment overlap with a red line, as seen in the below image.

Note: The revised appointment blocks will be most beneficial to those users who do not use an integrated practice management system for scheduling.

We hope you find these new features helpful. Please continue to share your suggestions with us as we work to identify ways to enhance your experience!


The Elation Team