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Useful direct primary care websites and resources


The direct primary care (DPC) model can create questions for both the patient and physician. Whether an independent physician is just starting up a DPC practice or searching for guidance and information for an established practice, it’s helpful to have available resources to turn to for answers and direction. There are a number of helpful websites that either provide that information or list additional resources, such as scholarly articles and books.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) lists a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on DPCs, providing straightforward answers as well as a list of References at the bottom of the page. The site discusses the basics of the DPC structure and answers questions about insurance and Medicare in relation to the DPC model.

New England Direct Primary Care provides resources for physicians and for patients on its site. It also features a page of information and answers for employers, regarding the DPC model. The site lists resources for physicians transitioning to a DPC practice, including a brief overview of regulatory issues, and lists Elation Health as a DPC-friendly electronic health record provider.

Direct Care West provides resources that includes websites and blogs, podcasts, and books. Direct Care West is a student-led organization, dedicated to helping medical students and residents, but which also has a number of very helpful resources listed for seasoned physicians wanting to learn more about the DPC model.

Elation Health also provides a number of resources for physicians interested in learning more about the DPC practice model. We have published a Direct Care Playbook for those independent physicians who are considering launching or transitioning their current practice to the DPC model. The Playbook offers guidance on marketing, legal concerns, and staffing, to help physicians optimize their practice for success.

The Elation Direct Care and Concierge Medicine Blog provides the latest news and updates to help independent physicians who want to learn more about the DPC model. In this blog series, we explore the many aspects of launching and operating a successful DPC practice, with the goal of helping independent physicians and their patients become more knowledgeable about this unique practice model.