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Weekly Rounds: DPC myths, Medicare wellness visits, and new MACRA reporting requirements

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Weekly Rounds: DPC myths, Medicare wellness visits, and new MACRA reporting requirements

Weekly Rounds: DPC myths, Medicare wellness visits, and new MACRA reporting requirements March 20, 2018

This week we learned more about the positive impacts of primary care spending, discovered how independent physicians are adjusting to new MACRA reporting requirements, examined the correlation between Medicare wellness visits and primary care revenue, addressed common direct primary care myths, and read about the importance of leveling the barriers for entry and operation for independent practices.

At Elation Health, we’re committed to strengthening the physician-patient relationship and providing intuitive tools for clinical first care. Part of this commitment includes keeping physicians and staff informed about the latest healthcare news, technology trends, and policy updates that impact their practices and patients.

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  1. Mapping the impact of primary care spending – Primary care physicians have the ability to coordinate care between specialty providers and healthcare facilities to ensure positive patient care outcomes. Read how the state of Oregon is leading the way for primary care spending.
  2. Independent Physicians and MACRA in 2018 – CMS submitted its final changes to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) which “emphasizes high-value care and patient outcomes while minimizing the burden on eligible clinicians.” Discover how independent physicians are adjusting to new reporting requirements.
  3. New correlation between primary care Medicare wellness visits and higher revenue – After replacing the problem-based visits with an annual wellness visit for Medicare patients, primary care physicians noticed an increase in their revenue. Learn about the benefits of wellness visits for patients and primary care practices.
  4. Addressing common direct primary care myths – Direct primary care (DPC) practices are growing in popularity. Despite their low membership costs, many patients and medical professionals are confused about how the DPC model works. Uncover the truths behind the DPC model myths perpetuating in the healthcare industry.
  5. Leveling the playing field for independent practices – In an age of increased vertical and horizontal integration, low-cost, high-quality patient outcomes are more important than ever. Read how the Physicians Advocacy Institute is helping both patients and primary care providers receive quality care at affordable costs.