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What does an ideal EHR for employer clinics look like?

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Employer sponsored healthcare clinics are particularly concerned with data security. Employees want to be sure their medical information cannot be accessed by their employer. An ideal electronic health record (EHR) solution for an employer clinic will not only be efficient and reliable but also safe and secure.

One of the main attractions of the on-site or near-site healthcare clinic for employees is the convenience factor. Typically, employees can seek out primary care services, immunizations, and treatment for minor illness or injury without having to take an entire day off from work. They expect the employer clinic to run efficiently and the on-site clinical staff to be able to easily access their medical data without any delays or other issues. The EHR used in the employer clinic must be able to offer that efficiency.

Often, an employee needs to be seen by specialty providers. The on-site or near-site employer clinic physician may need to collaborate with other physicians, labs, or healthcare facilities to ensure the patient is receiving appropriate treatment without duplication or error. An ideal EHR will also provide this capability, enabling the primary care physician to coordinate care without having to wait on medical files or care orders to be transferred via fax or multiple telephone calls.

Employees may have a primary care provider but use the on-site clinic for visits specific to an illness or injury. In those cases, the clinic physician can input visit notes and test results for the employee’s primary care physician to view. An ideal EHR solution enables the healthcare provider to view patient information, including visit notes, lab results, and prescriptions, with one touch. Likewise, communication between patient and physician as well as between multiple providers is seamless and secure in an ideal EHR.

Employer clinics are growing in popularity with both employers and employees. The convenience and cost savings are attractive benefits for recruiting job candidates and for retaining quality employees. A high quality EHR solution is key to offering employees the security and efficiency they expect in their on-site or near-site clinic.