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What exactly does it mean to be an Independent Physician?

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What is an Independent Physician?

An Independent Physician is a physician who owns a majority of their practice and has key decision-making rights for the practice. Some benefits of becoming an Independent Physician are:

  • The ability to practice medicine and run a practice, all on your own terms
  • Having full control over the management and financial health of the practice
  • Being able to grow and compete in the local market
  • The ability to make informed, strategic decisions
  • The ability to thrive through industry changes
  • Being connected and integrated with hospitals while still being independent

Why are independent physicians important?

At its core the work of healthcare is exceedingly personal and intimate. Patients trust healthcare professionals to provide a service that means a lot to them. Some of the work like checkups, are routine but often healthcare professionals serve their patients at times of great need and personal vulnerability. That’s why independent physicians are important, because they have more time to spend on patients to understand their needs and concerns, and in that time create strong relationships.

What makes an Independent Physician different from other doctors?

About 70% of Independent Physicians specialize in a certain aspect of healthcare and that specialized nature of their practice within the local healthcare community enables them to remain independent.

Independent physicians also have a freedom that other doctors who work in large organizations do not have. With their patients in mind, Independent Physicians are:

  • Free to work with all health systems
  • Free to offer all treatment choices
  • Free to refer patients anywhere that is necessary
  • Free to give patients all their medical options all the time.

An independent network of physicians provides patients the ability to select from a complete array of health professionals rather than being limited to a selection within one corporation. This means that their patients are able to get the very best care they might need.

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