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Why direct primary care is a model for getting the most out of an EHR

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A streamlined, efficient operation is essential for the success of a direct primary care (DPC) practice. DPCs operate on patient membership fees and cannot rely on the income generated through insurance reimbursement. Likewise, the DPC practice must have the proper technology that ensures optimal results for minimal effort. This technology should also, and more importantly, enable the DPC independent physician to focus on the patients’ health while managing the practice efficiently.

DPC physicians tend to be heavy users of technology in their practices, due to the demands of retaining memberships. Practices need access to a wide-range of technology and services, from patient marketing platforms to labs and imaging services. Electronic health record (EHR) technology is optimized for and best suited to meet the needs of direct care practices.

A recent article published by the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation stated that:

The problem-oriented EHR is ideal for Direct Primary Care because most encounters are characterized by multiple problems, which is different from a specialist, who typically sees a patient for a single problem during any given visit. Additionally, DPC medicine has a more holistic approach to patient health that neatly aligns with the problem-oriented medical record, which provides a longitudinal view of the patient’s health care over time.

The DPC community of independent physicians can benefit greatly from the features of an EHR solution that enables them to run their practice more efficiently while spending more time with their patients. Communication tools, easy access to patient medical data, and collaboration with specialty providers are key to a successful DPC practice.

Elation’s Clinical First EHR offers DPCs the tools they need to minimize practice overhead for more efficient practice management. With the right EHR solution, physicians in a DPC practice spend less time on paperwork and more time with the patients themselves.