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5 reasons why Elation is the best EHR for primary care

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Besides creating the industry’s first ever Clinical First EHR that truly supports the doctor-patient relationship, Elation has been dedicated to becoming the leading EHR system for primary care physicians. We have vowed to be excellent in serving the needs of primary care providers everywhere.

To show you we mean it here are 5 reasons why Elation has the best EHR for primary care:

1. Clinical First Focus

Clinical First is a commitment to building a provider-centric Clinical First EHR that exists at the nexus of the clinical workflow, supports the physician-patient relationship, and drives outstanding patient outcomes.

2. Elation’s Cockpit View

The Cockpit View shows everything you need in a unique three-pane console, giving you complete flexibility in how you deliver care. Chart, e-prescribe, and order lab tests all from the same screen. Eliminates the back-and-forth linear workflow — letting you click less and have more face time with patients.

3. Comprehensive Clinical Insights

You can automate data entry with a Dynamic Problem List. Chart visits with a collection of notation templates, including free text and dictation support, so you can chart the way you want. Use the Smart Visit Note to automatically record your actions during a patient visit. You can pull in specific information from a previous visit with just one click. We’ll organize results with their correlated problem to help save you time when charting.

4. Collaborative Longitudinal Care

Trend values and track outcomes for a comprehensive overview of your entire patient panel. You can quickly find data and take action, all within the same window. Uninterrupted communication allows you to decrease duplicative testing and avoid medication errors. Timely sharing of patient information with the Collaborative Health Record helps to ensure patient care is as efficient and as effective as possible.

5. Drive Patient Engagement

Send and receive messages with your patients to engage them beyond their visit. All of your communication histories are automatically linked to the patient’s chart and are easy to find. Elation enables you to securely share vitals, lab results, and visit summaries through our HIPAA-compliant patient portal; so you know your patient’s sensitive information is safely shared and stored.

Experience Elation for yourself and see why providers love us! Contact us to learn how intuitive and easy-to-use a Clinical First EHR can be.