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Easily document patient-reported pain levels

back pain

Supporting the delivery of high-value primary care

Assessing and documenting a patient’s pain level is an important component of the diagnostic process, and contributes to effective patient care and treatment. Practitioners can now document patient pain assessments directly in visit notes, using two discrete fields within the Vitals section. The patient’s reported pain level can be documented by entering a numeric value, between 0-10, in the Pain field. There is also a field for free-text comments corresponding to the pain assessment. 

Additional features include the following:

  • Patient pain assessments will display within the Chronological Record, and pain assessment values can be trended over time

  • Users can search for the “pain” keyword to display relevant signed visit notes

  • Patients can view pain assessments in their Patient Passport visit summary

  • Read/write access to the new fields via the Elation Health API 2.0 Vitals endpoint

Elation’s pain assessment functionality supports:

  • Thorough clinical diagnostic workflows 

  • Comprehensive and effective patient care

  • Increased patient engagement

For more information, refer to the Help Center

Elation Health’s purpose-built clinical EHR enables primary care practices and enterprises to deliver high-value care to their patients. Our commitment to delivering a clinical-first experience that engages providers can be seen in all of our thoughtfully designed features.