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Elation and the Santa Barbara Community

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This Wednesday, we’re excited to be hosting an event exclusively focused on the impact Elation is having on the Santa Barbara community. Joined by three well-known local physicians, Dr. Bordofsky, Dr. Baker, and Dr. Golgert, attendees will have the opportunity to receive personal insights on the clinical benefits of care collaboration between practices on the Central Coast.

We believe enabling care collaboration and communication in tight-knit communities like Santa Barbara can play a tremendous role in closing patient care gaps and reducing costs.

By bringing physicians together and generating more seamless collaboration, quicker communication, and more visibility into a patient’s record, physicians can better coordinate care and drive outstanding patient outcomes.

Our mission, to strengthen the relationship between patients and physicians, has already led to incredible organic growth in Santa Barbara, with 35 physicians currently using Elation as a care platform and serving more than 24 percent of the Santa Barbara patient population.

We’re committed to enhance the patient-physician experience and close care gaps in Santa Barbara by providing further visibility into Specialists and PCPs record sharing, maintaining our focus of allowing independent practices to remain financially viable and ultimately deliver phenomenal care for everyone.

Please join us for Drs. Bordofsky, Baker and Golgert’s event in Santa Barbara – RSVP here.