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Elationeer Spotlight: Merrit Neptune, Director, Customer Support

​As the Director of Customer Support for Elation Health, my role is to oversee support operations with a focus on high quality, timely resolution of customer issues. Subsequent to this we analyze customer feedback and data to identify trends and drive continuous improvement in our support processes and services, working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to improve product functionality and user experience.

What have you done for yourself — as well as for others — that makes you a valuable player in the healthcare technology industry?

I’ve spent my entire adult life in healthcare. I started working in a practice when I was only 20 years old. I quickly got my CPC certification, started taking Healthcare Administration courses and became a Practice Manager within just a couple years. I later joined and spent 14 years at Athena Health leading and evolving multiple parts of the business including support. I am Six-Sigma certified, and have won multiple awards for innovation and excellence. Having a background as a practice manager, I have true empathy for the provider and staff experience. My ultimate goal is to help ensure the experience with our product and with support feels frictionless.

Why do you enjoy working at Elation?

I am passionate about improving the patient-provider experience. Learning about Elations Primary Care focused mission resonated with me. As I’ve grown with the company, I am surrounded by colleagues who share this passion and demonstrate high levels of accountability and a deep desire to collaborate to solve problems. There’s a strong culture of listening, ownership, and customer centric solutioning. 

What beliefs or skills are most important to helping customers at Elation?

In my opinion, listening coupled with action is the most important thing for our customers. We need to consistently be reviewing our customer feedback and engaging in productive conversations about what we can do to improve. Listening, however, is not enough. We have to demonstrate to our customers that we’ve heard them through our actions. We cannot solve all problems, but can solve many by partnering together to create win-win solutions.

What updates to the Elation Customer Support organization can you share?

The remainder of 2023 is going to be focused on rebuilding the foundation of our support team. Our customers may not feel a shift in the support experience right away, but in the coming months we will be urgently assessing all of our support processes and tools to create a roadmap that will continuously improve both the customer experience with support and our product overall.

What’s a fun fact about you that people may not know?

I grew up in Northbrook, IL, which is fondly known by movie buffs as “Shermer, IL”. This is the setting for all the John Hughes movies such as Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Home Alone and Ferris Buehller. I attended the high school where Ferris picks up Sloan and even watched that scene be filmed. I was also an extra in the movie Uncle Buck. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I love live music, travel, and my friends and family. When I get to combine these things I’m in heaven! I actually have a specific annual budget just for concerts and associated travel.