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The power of the Elation DPC network & DPC partners

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Direct primary care (DPC) physicians need an electronic health record (EHR) system that enables them to manage their practices, maintain accurate and easily accessible patient records, and spend more time with their patients. Online billing, payment, and appointment capabilities are also critical to a successful DPC practice. Integrating partners to provide these features in one EHR solution is the key to Elation’s ability to give DPC practices what they need.

At Elation Health, we work with industry partners to offer DPC physicians a complete solution for their practice management:

Hint – offering advanced enrollment, billing and growth analytics services. Integrating with Hint enables Elation to provide DPCs with a “highly customizable enrollment, billing and eligibility management engines (that will) let you design and automate complex consumer and employer plans in minutes.”

Spruce – boasting “Modern care that providers, patients, and employers love,” Spruce’s features enables Elation to integrate “communication and care for the 21st century” into our EHR solution.

Hale – a remote care platform that lets clinical teams streamline triage, automate follow-up, and increase practice capacity – all while delivering an incredible patient experience.

KPI Ninja – offering a “portfolio of cutting-edge analytics solutions” and focusing on issues of particular concern to DPC physicians, such as population health, Elation integrates with KPI Ninja on capabilities from “identifying social determinants of health to measuring health outcomes.”

Health Biller – integrating direct care practice management as well as patient data enables Elation to provider DPC physicians with a practical and comprehensive EHR solution.

Elation is about building a technology platform that doctors and patients use because they want to use it. Because they trust it. Because it improves the quality of care. Because it makes them more productive and more effective. And most of all, because it deeply respects that the heart of healthcare is the doctor-patient relationship. Integrating with industry partners enables us to provide the highest quality EHR solution for our DPC clients.