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Why is Elation the best EHR for primary care physicians?

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Why is Elation the best EHR for primary care physicians?

Why is Elation the best EHR for primary care physicians? April 17, 2018

The electronic health record (EHR) provides primary care physicians with immediate access to patients’ medical data, before, during, and after the patient visit. Electronic records eliminate the need for paperwork, including searching through a paper file and waiting for additional records to be included in that file. The physician is prepared for each patient with a thorough understanding of that patient’s history and medical profile.

With the move toward value-based care in the medical field, EHRs become even more important for the primary care physician. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) states that the value-based care concept means that “doctors and other clinicians can focus on coordinating care to ensure their patients, especially those with chronic conditions, get the right care at the right time — while avoiding medical errors and duplication.”

The use of EHRs can be a significant factor in the primary care physician’s ability to provide and report on that critical value-based care. Why use Elation EHR technology as a primary care physician? Elation’s Clinical First EHR is a commitment to building a provider-centric Clinical EHR that exists at the nexus of the clinical workflow, supports the physician-patient relationship, and drives outstanding patient outcomes.

With Elation’s EHR solution, the primary care physician can work concurrently, not consecutively. The Cockpit View surfaces everything the physician needs in a unique three-pane console, giving complete flexibility in how care is delivered. The primary care physician can document visit notes, order lab tests, e-prescribe, and write referrals in any order, all from the same screen.

Monitoring a patient’s health on an ongoing basis is critical to identifying areas that need further diagnosis and treatment. Elation’s EHR enables primary care physicians to holistically evaluate their patient population with a longitudinal record that trends vitals and lab values over time. The physician can quickly identify patients who aren’t meeting goals based on custom care management protocols, Meaningful Use objectives, or specific document tags, and easily schedule a follow-up appointment to address any potential gaps in care.

Elation is focused on helping the primary care physician deliver quality, value-based care in an effective and effective manner. Our EHR solution plays a significant role in that mission.