Automate data entry with a Dynamic Problem List

Populate your chart note with one click.

Elation has been a revolutionary tool in the way I practice medicine… The organization of the patient’s health record is intuitive and eliminates repetitive tasks and documentation.

Kathryn Hallsten, MD

Get comprehensive clinical insights

Import your patient’s Problem List and Associated Lab Values into your visit note with a single click. Our smart-mapping algorithm organizes your Subjective section to save you time.

Prioritize action items for the visit by dynamically sorting your Subjective list so that you can tackle the most important issues first.

Focus on your patients, not your SOAP

Chart visits with a variety of notation templates, including free text and dictation support, so that you can chart the way you want. Use the Smart Visit Note to automatically record your actions during a patient encounter.

Elation will keep track when you view a report or order a lab during the visit and automatically log these activities in the Objective section of your note.

The product is simply the best, most well-implemented, and easiest to use EHR on the market… Switching to Elation has been a true joy.

Gregg Alexander, DO